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  This journal on Tibetan Women's Studies is the first of its kind in dealing with the issues relating to of Tibetan women in a scholarly manner. The name Yumtsho means "Turquoise Lake". In Tibetan geographical and geomancic symbology the lake is generally identified with the female. Though the journal itself is in Tibetan, the table of contents is also provided in English. In spite of its somewhat academic nature this journal has been warmly received by Tibetan women who turned out in large numbers for the launch of the first issue and also attended subsequent sales events and lectures on the journal in large numbers and purchased many copies.  

  Yumtsho No 3
Edited by Tashi Tsering and Tenzin Choenzin

Tsering Choetso
Preliminary Research on Women in Tibetan Society [ p.2 ]
Mingyur Dorje Madrong
Remarks on Some Illustrious Women in Tibetan Society [ p.14 ]
Pema Wangdu
Some Oral Traditions on the Origins of the Sakya Ba-mo (Witches) [ p.46 ]
Dechen Dolkar
The Women of Tibet [ p.56 ]
On the Importance of Educating Tibetan Women [ p.58 ]

Tibetan, 1995, 68 pages

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Yumtsho No 2
Edited by Tashi Tsering and Tenzin Choenzin

Gedun Choephel
Women Are the Truly Indispensable [ p.5 ]
Sonam Tsomo
Message on the Occasion of Tibetan Parent's Day [ p.6 ]
Rakra Rinpoche
Soepa Ringmo: the Sister of Sakya Panchen Kunga Gyaltsen (1182-1251) [ p.8 ]
Dawa Dargye
Beware: Before Dowry Enters Tibetan Society [ p.17 ]
Dza Patrul Orgyen Jigme Choekyi Wangpo
The She-Devil of a Hundred Evils [ p.20 ]
Tenzin Choenzin
On Reading 'The She-Devil of a Hundred Evils' [ p.22 ]
Tashi Tsering
Introductory Notes on the Biographical Sketches of the Six Incarnations of Gungru Khandroma [ p.27 ]
Tashi Tsering
Celebrated Women Doctors of Tibetan Medicine [ p.48 ]
We Women [ p.85 ]

Tibetan, 1994, 88 pages

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Yumtsho No 1
Edited by Tashi Tsering and Tenzin Choenzin

Fourteenth Dalai Lama
Beloved Tsering Dolma [ p.3 ]
Druk Nyoen Kunlek
The Importance of the Female Impulse in Secular and Temporal Affairs [ p.6 ]
Rakra Rinpoche
Concerning the Respective Role and Status of Women in Tibet from The Past and the Present [ p.8 ]
Tashi Tsering
A Preliminary Reconstruction of the Successive Reincarnations of Samding Dorje Phagmo; The Foremost Woman Incarnation of Tibet [ p.20 ]
Tashi Tsering
Tsipa Kachupa Dasing gye pae Lo doe; the First Woman Graduate in Exile in the Advanced Traditional Sciences of Astrology and Higher Sanskrit Grammar [ p.54 ]
Ruth Sonam
Recent and Forthcoming Publications Relating to Tibetan Women [ p.61 ]

Tibetan, 1993, 72 pages

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