Cartographic Series

  Map of Lhasa City
Atelier Golok

Over 590 names, located by grid and numbered references, the map provides the correct names and exact locations of all monuments, temples, monasteries, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, etc., and also the various offices of the Chinese Communist occupation administration of the "Tibet Autonomous Region" and Lhasa city. Also included are military bases, offices and depots, and Public Security and Armed Police offices and posts. Prisons and labour camps are featured in detail. In addition to road, street, lane and place names, all the mountains surrounding Lhasa have been identified and delineated with precise contour lines.

1995, Map 5 colours, Index (English and Tibetan) 64 pages

ISBN 81-86227-10-5

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US$ 15.00 (+postage US$ 2.50)

  Tibet and Adjacent Areas under Chinese Communist Occupation
Atelier Golok

4,076 names of village, cities, monasteries, counties, prefectures and provinces, lakes, rivers, roads railways, airports and border crossing points, besides other features are clearly indicated. The map clearly reveals through colour codes how the Chinese administration has divided this whole area into various "ethnic" groupings namely Tibetan, Chang, Mongols, Uighur, Tadjik, Kasak, Hui, Monggur (Hor) Salar, Dongxiang, Bao'an, Yi (Lolo), Miao, Nashi (Jang), Lisu, Bai, Pumi, Drung, Nu and Chinese. The outline of all the Tibetan ethnic designated areas reveals a close correspondence to the claims made by the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala.

Tibetan, 1998, 5 colours

ISBN 81-86227-16-4

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