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  "Mangtso" was first published on June 15, 1990 by Pema Bhum. The editorial board members were Kunsang Gyal, Tsering Dhondup, Tenzin Gompo, and Pema Bhum. On the request of the original founders and publishers of "Mangtso", AMI took on the responsibility of publishing this fortnightly Tibetan language newspaper with effect from the issue dated August 31, 1993. The new editorial board of the paper was Tashi Tsering, Pema Bhum, Lhasang Tsering and Jamyang Norbu. Gonpo Tsering was assistant editor till May 1995. Within a short space of time "Mangtso" had become the most popular and respected newspaper in the Tibetan exile world.  
    But the very success of "Mangtso" brought with it a host of problems and difficulties. In the end we reached a situation where we had to choose between continuing with "Mangtso" or AMI itself. The choice was not easy but evident. The March 31,1996 issue of "Mangtso" was the final one.
  We are aware that this closure brought about great disappointment in the Tibetan community and especially among friends. In fact, more than two years after closing "Mangtso" we still receive expressions of disappointment. The general reasons for our decision were explained in the closing issue of "Mangtso". We once again express our sincere regrets.  
    Mangtso's innovativeness, energy and truth-telling inspired many other such publications in exile society and also created the requisite conditions for their subsistence. These days there are a number of papers in the exile community namely: "Nyenchen thangla" (Gnyan chen Thang lha, Nepal), "Himalayan Drum-beat" (Hi ma la ya'i rna sgra, April 1995, Kathmandu), "Truth" (Drang bden, April 19,1995, New Delhi), "True Sayings" (Bden gtam, December 21,1992, Varanasi), "Tibet Times" (Bod kyi dus bab, Dharamshala), "Tibetan Affairs" (Bod mi'i rtsa don, September 15, 1993, Darjeeling), "Himalayan Melody" (Hi ma la ya'i sgra dbyangs, Kathmandu), "Three Provinces of Tibet" (Bod chol kha gsum, November 1, 1997, Dharamshala), "Himalayan Mirror" (Hi ma la ya'i me long, 1997, Kathmandu). The Tibetan government also revived the old "Tibetan Freedom" (Bod mi'i rangdbang, September 21,1993) that till the advent of "Mangtso" had closed down in Darjeeling.
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