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  Founding Directors
  Tashi Tsering

Tashi Tsering was first educated at the Central School for Tibetans, Dalhousie, H.P., India from 1963 to 1971. He then studied under some great scholars of Tibetan history, literature and Buddhism as Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche, Dzogchen Khenpo Thupten Phuntsog Rinpoche (1920-1978), and Rai Bahadur Burmiok Athing (1902-1988).

Tashi Tsering has received initiations, instructions, teachings and blessings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness the late 16th Gyalwa Karmapa (1924-1981), His Holiness the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (1910-1991), the 4th Do Drubchen Rinpoche, the 4th Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche, Khunu Geshe Rigzin Tempa (1893 -1981) and many other highly realised lamas and teachers.

Other important sources of inspiration and knowledge have been Ven.Prof. 5th Samdhong Rinpoche, 8th Dungkar Rinpoche Lobsang Trinlay (1927-1997), Drikhung Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche, Professor Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, E. Gene Smith, Professor Drakthon Jampa Gyaltsen (1939-1997).


Work experience at the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives (LTWA)

1972 - : worked at the LTWA in Dharamshala.
1980 - : Tibetan publication officer of LTWA.
1980 -1982: appointed Programme Research Officer, Oral History Documentation.
1981 - : editor of "Gtam Tshogs" journal on Tibetan Studies.
1982 - : appointed Research Scholar and Cultural Officer at LTWA.
1983 - : member of the editorial board of the "Tibet Journal".
1984 -1986: member of the committee constituted by the LTWA and Private Office the Dalai Lama, for compiling the Collected Works of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.


Honorary and Professional Experiences

1979 -1980: member of editorial board of "Lotus Fields" a literary publication of a group of young Tibetans.
1990 -1993: member of editorial board of "Dasar", an independent Tibetan language quarterly.
1995 -1996: president of the Organising Committee for the Commemoration of 1000 Years of Tholing Temple. He and the committee organised the functions and festivities to mark the millennial celebration of one of the most important institutions in Tibetan and Buddhist history, and furthermore Tashi Tsering edited and supervised publication of a monumental eight volume set of books for the occasion.
1982 - : has contributed to most conferences on Tibetan Studies.
1989 - : member of the advisory board of the International Association for Tibetan Studies.

Tashi Tsering is the author of numerous papers, articles and pamphlets. He has also edited numerous books, contributed introductions to, and supervised publications of, numerous books for the LTWA.

Tashi Tsering has been instrumental in the establishment of the LTWA's oral history project and Photographic collection.

1979 - : guided, advised and provided information to many non-Tibetan students and scholars in Tibetan Studies and also lamas, monks, writers, filmmakers and others.
1981 - : instrumental in the revival of the Lama Mani tradition in the exile community. This centuries old tradition of wandering religious story-tellers had been discontinued in exile but Tashi Tsering managed to identify such practitioners in various Tibetan settlement and encouraged their revival by bringing a number of them to Dharamshala, recording their recitations and arranging an audience for them with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
1983: in a talk to Tibetan Youths in Delhi in His Holiness the Dalai Lama cited Tashi Tsering as the only representative of the younger generation with strong interest and erudition in Tibetan culture and history.
1989: the Tibetan Youth Congress presented Tashi Tsering with an award and citation for research and distinguished contribution towards Tibetan studies from among the younger generation of Tibetans.

Tashi Tsering is married to Dr. Ellie McDougall and has four children, Yiga and Kardo (from a former marriage), Thubga and Rolwa-kyab (Rory).

  Pema Bhum

Respected literary figure, was Associate Professor of Tibetan Literature at the North-West Institute for Minorities at Lanzhou, China.

Resigned from AMI since April 20, 1996.

  Lhasang Tsering

Former Principal of the Tibetan Children's Village, Dharamsala, and President of the Tibetan Youth Congress.

Resigned from AMI since March 29, 1999.

  Jamyang Norbu

Jamyang Norbu was educated at St. Joseph's School in Darjeeling. He has worked for the Tibetan government-in-exile in various posts since 1967, and was briefly a member of the Tibetan Resistance Force in Mustang.

Norbu was one of the convenors of the first Tibetan Youth Congress (1970), and member of the Central Executive Committee for ten years. He was also the creator of Tibetans-in-exile taxation scheme (the green book system), which has been the main source of funding for the exile government since 1972. Norbu has regularly commented on Tibetan and Chinese affairs. A collection of his political essays were published as a book, "Illusion and Reality" (1989), by the TYC. Chinese authorities in Tibet have, on the other hand, derided his writings as being inconsequential as "the wings of a fly beating against a boulder".

He was the director of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (1979-84), and also the manager of the first Tibetan cultural troupe to tour internationally in 1975. He has written and produced five plays ("The Chinese Horse",1970, "Yuru" 1981, "The Claws of Karma",1982, "Official Problem",1984, "Titanic II" 1998) and a traditional opera libretto ("The Iron Bridge",1983). He is currently working on two plays, "Longsho", a fable of the freedom struggle and "Stumbling Around Everest". He also edited and contributed to "Performing Traditions of Tibet". Besides a few literary reviews and short stories Norbu is the author of "Horseman in the Snow", (1978), translated into Japanese, Polish and French and reissued as "Warriors of Tibet". His novel "The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes" and another collection of his selected writings, "Shadow Tibet", are expected in print by the end of 1999. For his writings Norbu has been awarded a bursary in 1991, by the Scottish Arts Council, along with eight other Scottish-based writers and poets.

Norbu has lectured on Tibetan culture and the Freedom Struggle at more than a hundred universities and institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, India, Japan and the UK; at such venues as the Harvard Law School, The Harvard Education Forum, the John.F.Kennedy School of Government, MIT, Columbia University, the John King Fairbanks Centre for East Asian Research, Stanford University, U.C.L.A, U.C. Berkeley, The National Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington D.C.) the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, the Royal Ontario Museum, Cambridge University, The Royal Academy of Arts (London), and others. He has also appeared on a number of TV and radio shows and interviews all over the world to argue the case for Tibet.

Jamyang Norbu is married to Dr. Tenzing Chounzom, and has a daughter, Namkha Lhamo, born February 21, 1997.


  Permanent staff
Graphic Designer
Born in 1973 in Darjeeling, India. Studied Commerce at Government College, Darjeeling. Former trainee of AMI's first Tibetan Vocational Training Programme in Desktop Publishing. In Amnye Machen Institute since 1995.
  Tsering Dolkar Gyangsar-Besuchet
Born in 1973 in Khasakha, Bhutan. Studied Commerce at S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai. Presently follows by correspondance a Master in Commerce. In Amnye Machen Institute since 1997.
  Rigdzin Sangpo
Born in 1973. Studied Psychology at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. In Amnye Machen Institute since 1999.
  Jampa Choephel
Programme Officer
Born in 1975 in Dharamshala, India. Studied Economics in Loyola College, Madras. In Amnye Machen Institute since 1998.
  Yangchen Dolma
Born in 1973 in Dharamshala, India. Studied Arts at Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh. In Amnye Machen Institute since 1997.
  Tsering Yangzom
Born in 1974 in Manali, India. Studied Arts at Teresian College, Mysore. In Amnye Machen Institute since 1998.

  Governing Body, Board of Advisors and Consultants  
  A governing body of not more than seven persons comprise the governing body of AMI. This body checks into the management and administration of the Institute.  
  A board of advisors of eminent scholars and intellectuals advise and guide AMI's directors on the overall direction and activities of the Institute.
  A separate board of consultants advise and often actively contribute to the conduct of specific studies and projects.  


  Donors, Friends and Supporters
  Major Donors and Supporters
  His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
  The first donation to the Institute
Cabinet of the Tibetan Government in Exile
Dharamshala, India
  Grant in aid 1992 and in 1993 and other donations
  Private Office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Dharamshala, India
  Support for publications and other donations
  Poul Lauritzen Foundation
Kalundborg, Denmark
  For awards and encouragement
  Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Society
Zurich, Switzerland
  Many grants and donations, constant support of publication of major works
  Swiss Aid to Tibetans
Bern, Switzerland
  Working fund, also towards printing of major works
  Communaute Tibetaine en Suisse Romande
Geneva, Switzerland
  Constant donations and support
Appropriate Technology for Tibetans
London, UK
  For supporting the first Tibetan Desktop Publication Training Programme, and also the first phase of Rigdzoe project
  European Union
Brussels, Belgium
  For funding the first Tibetan Desktop Publication Training Programme, and also the first phase of Rigdzoe project
  Milarepa Fund
San Fransisco, USA
  Funding for distribution of AMI books to all Tibetan Schools in India, Nepal andTibet.
  Intercultural Foundation Gartenflugel
Zurich, Switzerland
  Funding for Shadow Tibet photographic exhibition

Arts Council of Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland

  Support for the Swiss Film Festival and Shadow Tibet photographic exhibition.

Canada Tibet Committee
Montreal, Canada

  Help and support on many projects

Teaterforeningen 1.Maj

  To publish "Voices of Freedom", and for previous grants

Seva Foundation

  Translation cost of "Where There is No Doctor"

Tibet Information Network
London, UK

  Maps, documents, publications, and unfailing cooperation and support

Irene Greve

  Unfailing support and many gifts

Arianne and Sean Jones
London, UK

  Regular donations, gifts of office materials, and support for Lungta

Dr K.J. B. Delbray

  Towards purchase of computers, printing of books, donation of rare books and objects

Dr T.K. Dingyong and family
Manali, India

  For constant help and gifts of rare books, photographs

Dr (Mrs) Dolkar Khangkar, and late Mr K. Dhondup
Delhi, India

  For underwriting the publication for the first issue of the Women's Journal, many donations and unfailing support

Sonam Choephel
Delhi, India

  For unfailing support and friendship

Prof Elliot Sperling
Indiana, USA

  Regular donations and unfailing support

Lobsang Jamspal
New York, USA

  Regular donations towards publications

Heinrich Harrer

  Full costs of translation and publication of Tibetan edition of "Seven Years in Tibet"
  J.D. Isenschmidt
Yverdon, Switzerland
  Full cost of printing three issues of "Lungta".

Lhakpa Tsering
Poanta Sahib, India

  Regular donations and gifts of office stationery and material

Mary Craig

  Donation of royalties from her book, "Kundun"

Anne Brown

  Regular donations and support

Tenzin Wangmo Drongshar
Geneva, Switzerland

  Regular donations towards many AMI programmes
  Dorjee Lhamo
McLeod Ganj, India
  Constant friendship, support, and promoting sales of our publications
  Marzianna Pecen
Texas, USA
  Generous support for our website

Thupten Samdup (Sam)
Montreal, Canada

  Active support for our website

Friends and Donors


Tibetan Association (NY, USA), Tibetan Youth Association (NY, USA), Tibetan Women's Association (NY, USA), Eleanora Tevis Trust (NY, USA), Thonden Family (NY, USA), Lobsang Gyatso (NY, USA), Kesang Tashi Family (NY, USA), Champa Namgyal Family (NY, USA), Weinrab Family (NY, USA), Buchung Nordong Family (NY, USA), Lhakpa Tsering (NY, USA), Dhondup Namgyal (NY, USA), Tamdy Lukhang (NY, USA), Dorji Lukhang (NY, USA), T.S. Thondup (NY, USA), Jay Suller (NY, USA), Nima Dorji (NY, USA), Lisa Keary (NY, USA), Dr. Tenzin Choedak (NY, USA), Nancy Jo Johnson (NY, USA), Yankyi Tsering (NY, USA), Linda Mcnell (NY, USA), Robyn Brentano (NY, USA), Nyima Dolma (NY, USA), Phuntsok Dorji (NY, USA), Tashi Dorji (NY, USA), Chime Wangdue (NY, USA), Sonam Zoksang (NY, USA), Michael Wick (NY, USA), Youdon Thonden (NY, USA), Ari Tsenjay Peter (NY, USA), Norbu Cheophel (NY, USA), Tenzin Dolma (NY, USA), Tenzin Takhla (NY, USA), Yeshi Wangdue (NY, USA), Ugyen Tsering (NY, USA), Dorji Tsephel (NY, USA), Kathay Dolma (NY, USA), Tsering Dhondup (NY, USA), Tenzin Norbu (NY, USA), Wangchuk Chugyalpa (NY, USA), T. Samphel Family (NY, USA), Leslie Souyir (NY, USA), Tenzin W. Sampho (NY, USA), Sonam Yangzom (NY, USA), Tsetan Y.D. Chazotsang (NY, USA), John Ackerley (DC, USA), Tseten Phanucharas (CA, USA), Laurie Lyshon (NY, USA), Thupten Norbu (CA, USA), Tsering Tashi (CA, USA), Pema Choedon (CA, USA), Chewang Ngokhang (CA, USA), Julia & Fred Shepardson (CA, USA), Robert Thurman, Kalsang Choedon (NY, USA), Sherab Dolma (NY, USA), Dolma Lhamo (NY, USA), Students and Friends of Tibet (IN, USA), Sonam Topgyal (IN, USA), Tibetan Cultural Centre, (IN, USA), Namkha Yougyal (IL, USA), Ani Kunsang Dechen (IL, USA), Dolma Lhazom (IL, USA), Ngawang Tenzin Tsephel (IL, USA), Lhawang Choedon (IL, USA), Richoe Dolma (IL, USA), Tsering Lhamo (IL, USA), Pema Rinzin (IL, USA), Tenzin Dawa (IL, USA), Borys & Irene Antonovych (IL, USA), Tibetan Community LA (CA, USA) Tenzin & Legtsok Lhautara (CA, USA), Connie Lhautara (CA, USA), Kelsang Lhautara (CA, USA), Standford Friends of Tibet (CA, USA), Dolma Lhamo (CA, USA), International. Committee of Lawyers for Tibet (CA, USA), Dechen Kyaping (WA, USA), Tashi Norbu & Dorsh Marie Devoe (CA, USA), Tibet Fund (NY, USA), Ngawang Khechok (NY, USA), Jane C. McLagan (IL, USA), Margaret J. McLagan (NY,USA), T.C. Tethong (BC, Canada), Tibetan Youth Association (Alberta, Canada), Penba Sheka (Alberta, Canada), Yeshi Tsering (Alberta, Canada), Dorji Sheka (Alberta, Canada), Yangden Purchang (Alberta, Canada), Tsultrim Samchok (Alberta, Canada), Khangsar Norbu Rinchen (Alberta, Canada), Dhenam Dhogonpa (Alberta, Canada), Rabgyal Chazotsang (Alberta, Canada), Palden Hrithar (Alberta, Canada), Nardechen Family (Alberta, Canada), Lobsang Rinchen Family (Alberta, Canada), Dorjee Family (Alberta, Canada), Dejikhangsar (Alberta, Canada), Canada Tibet Committee (Alberta, Canada), Canada Tibet Committee (Vancouver, Canada), Canada Tibetan Community and Tibetans in Alberta (Alberta, Canada), Lobsang Khechok (Alberta, Canada), Tibetan Cultural Centre of BC, (Vancouver, Canada), Tibet's Independence Movement (Lindsay, Canada), Lobsang Mentue (Ontario, Canada), Denam & Tseden Dhogonpa (Alberta, Canada), Rigzin Dolkar (Ontario, Canada), Tenpa Gya (Quebec, Canada), Judy Tethong (BC, Canada), Tibetan Women's Association (Alberta, Canada), Executive Committee of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk, Europe (Switzerland), Tesur Family (Dharamshala, India), late Kalon Lhamo Tsering (Dharamshala, India), Tsering Dorji (Kollegal, India), Michael Suess, Kalsang Shomar

  Pierre Stilli (Switzerland), School for International Training (VT, USA), Phillipe Golden, Christoph Giercke (Paris, France), Peter Brown (NY, USA), Lobsang, Meg. Hart Hui (Hong Kong), Lodoe Sangpo (Dharamshala, India), Lower Tibetan Children's Village (Dharamshala, India), Ghenor Tsewang (Kathmandu, Nepal), Brian Boyes, Tibetan Association of Northern California (San Francisco, USA), Mr. & Mrs. Brown (UK), Ariane Poux (Geneva, Switzerland), Youdon Lhamo (UK), Antonella Cresenzi (Italy), Ven. Gonsar Rinpoche (Switzerland), Lhatsun Rinpoche (Bylakkuppe, India), Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche (Dharamshala, India), Nechung Monastery (Dharamshala, India), late Geshe Lobsang Gyatso (Dharamshala, India), Central Tibetan Relief Committee (Dharamshala, India), H.H. 9th Khalkha Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche (Dharamshala, India), Prof. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche (Italy)
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  Mangtso sponsors
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